Mafia City is a complex apparatus that is capable of defining and announcing how the Mafia operates.
by Micky Ahh January 5, 2019
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A mobile game made by Yotta Games that you can somehow level up from a level 1 crook to a level 100 godfather by hitting someone in the head with a frying pan
I just drank a glass of wine in Mafia City and I'm automatically a Lv. 60 boss. That's how mafia works.
by Delicious-Dog-Stew January 14, 2019
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Mafia City is a series of humorous Facebook advertisements which depict the levels and role of various members of organized crime.

There's apparently is also a game that is very loosely based off the advertisements
These Mafia City ads are hilarious.
by Sam_I_am August 14, 2019
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