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1) The second of four bases (including home plate) in the game of baseball.
2) Many argue the status of this base in terms of sexual engagement. Some believe it is intense feeling, while others believe it is a handjob/ fingering. Take your pick.
1) Johnson reached second after pounding a double up the middle. He gave a two finger salute to the crowd, acknowledging his 300th hit.
2) Johnson reached second with his two finger salute pounding up the middle.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
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The main character in the popular learn-to-read children's books.
He still gives me nightmares. Dont ask.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
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A word used by spoiled teenage girls who listen to Justin Timberlake, wear Abercrombie and Fitch, and watch the Real World. It is often inserted in between every word, because the lack of mental capacity of this person does not allow them to string together a complete sentence.
I hate sellouts, MTV, you, and people who say like more than once in a sentence.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
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1) In an act of fun between to males, one will sneak up behind the other with two fingers and poke him near the anal cavaty, causing an embarassing sensation.

2) In an act between to females, or one male and a female, two fingers are used to penetrate the vaginal opening.
1) Frank gave me a two finger salute while i was taking a piss in the urinal.

2) Frank was given a two finger salute after we found out he wasn't really a guy.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
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