The act of using only the middle and index fingers, while bending the other fingers at the second knuckle, and with the palm facing the signer mean "fuck you" in the United Kingdom.

The "two-fingered salute", also known as "the two" and as "The Vicky" in the West of Scotland, is commonly performed by flicking the V upwards from wrist or elbow.
The assistant professor lectured today. We gave her the two finger salute and left the class.
by michami January 12, 2010
The act of making a "V" shape with your index and middle fingers, while placing them in front of your mouth with your tongue sticking out. When doing this, you must also make a grunting noise. This is used to imitate spreading a girl's vaginal lips and performing oral sex on her.
I really wanted Vanessa to know I wanted to hook up with her, so I gave her a two finger salute to show my intentions.
by dr. bj March 6, 2007
The act of making a |,|, shape by holding up your index and ring fingers simultaneously and then using that to literally salute somebody.
"Old Man Macarthur is coming!"
"Quick, give him the two finger salute!"
by the letter d October 27, 2007
1) In an act of fun between to males, one will sneak up behind the other with two fingers and poke him near the anal cavaty, causing an embarassing sensation.

2) In an act between to females, or one male and a female, two fingers are used to penetrate the vaginal opening.
1) Frank gave me a two finger salute while i was taking a piss in the urinal.

2) Frank was given a two finger salute after we found out he wasn't really a guy.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
the act of using the index and middle finger in a v shape to hide emotional and or physical pain. at times the right hand of the user can be noticeably shaking beyond control and the nose of the individual can be heard sniffing.
when no one would buy richy lunch at school, he unleashed the two finger salute to hide his tears.
by plumboo December 31, 2005