4 definitions by Markotix

(1)v. To steal or rob something from someone.
(2)v. To have sex.
(3)v. To masturbate.
(4)v. To win.
(5)v. To fight someone roughly.
1."You got beat for 20 bucks."
2."She finally let me beat the other night."
3."No ass so I had to beat my meat."
4.Philly beat Atlanta and are going to the Super Bowl.
5."I beat that kid about the head and face.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
(1)v. To move at an excessive speed. (2)v. to exit or leave, especially very quickly. (3)v. to thoroughly beat the hell out of somebody.(also: murking, get murked, murking out.
1."Yo, we were murking at like a buck-fifty on the highway.
2."We saw the cops coming so we murked."
3."This kid got murked by like 4 different people on New Years.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
n. nickname for the city of Meriden CT.
Comes from the ghetto-ness of this said place.
Don't fuck with the Dirty Den, unless you wanna get murked.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
No specific part of speech.

Used when frustrated or excited. Belongs to a form of disturbed language where everything said means absolutely nothing. Also called the lingwage.
Hamma-Chamma! Chicka-ma-na-nas.
by Markotix January 31, 2005