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Is when your sexual partner is going at it and ends up causing a sex injury like bruising your bladder
The doctor said you bruised my bladder and said you need to calm down as you was too vigorous
by Markim May 12, 2018

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is when you are working from home and logged on your computer and to stop it from going to sleep and your manager knowing you are not working you keep moving the mouse or laptop pad
I was so bored at home when working it takes all my effort just to start twiddling
by Markim July 07, 2020

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When a woman is wet and sits on your face and rubs her lips and jucie on your face
She was so wet she climbed up and sat on my face and glazed me
by Markim April 22, 2019

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Is when you have licked your partners flower until she climaxs she then flips you over and goes down on your length and suck until you come in her mouth and while your still coming kisses your come in your mouth and forces it in with her tounge and you swallow it
We did senerio 1 last night and it was awesome
by Markim July 02, 2018

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Having to wank or finger yourself to climax
You haven't had sex in a while so you best pleasure or you will get glue
by Markim May 10, 2018

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When your partner is coming from the front and back with their hands and you can't stop both actions, so both vag and trumper get a good double rubbing
She said your trunk action is uncontrollable today you are "double rubbing"
by Markim March 11, 2018

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Is when a person just lays on the couch doing nothing, or lay in bed after being awake for a while
I had a drink in bed and then just decided to do some loliping
by Markim June 07, 2018

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