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Daughter: "Daddy, what's wrong with those people?"

Father: "Sweetie, they are just a bunch of bluetards. Ignore them and they'll go away before the championship series."

Daughter: "Should we move away? Do they bite?"

Father: "Just don't startle them and keep your pepper spray handy."
by Mark in San Bruno February 10, 2010
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(noun) plural, bluetards.

A derogatory term for Dodger or Cowboy fan that does not and never has live/d in the L.A. or Dallas area. Bandwagon fans in their blue fan apparel. Generally they are criminals or retarded individuals.

Refer to felons and retards in blue or FARIB
Idiot: Hey guys, check out my new Emmit Smith Jersey!
Sports Fan: Dude, do you even know what position Emmit Smith played??
Idiot: He's in the Hall of Fame. He played for the Cowboys! Go Cowboys!
Sports Fan: Dude, we live in Northern California, quit being such a bluetard!
by Mark in San Bruno February 11, 2010
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(n.) A derogatory reference to bandwagon fans of the L.A. Dodgers or Dallas Cowboys. Most particularly those hopeless souls that are fans of BOTH the Dodgers & Cowboys that do not (nor have they ever) live(d) in the home region of either team, yet make up for their lack of geographical closeness by excessively annoying those fans of local teams by proclaiming their team(s) are #1 in spite of a lack of credulity to their claims.

Most are know criminals (felons) and/or clinically diagnosed mentally ill (retards) that live outside the L.A. or Dallas areas and are misguided hangers-on to past decades when those teams may have had a modicum of talent and/or luck. Their illogical & persistent affiliation with the team is most directly attributed a missing chromosome that also appears to result in excessive body tattooing, domestic violence, binge drinking, bed-wetting, drooling and an unexplained need to wear over-sized and excessively dark sunglasses (maybe out of embarrassment).

Both groups are made up of delinquents, reprobates, malcontents, and blow-hards that are the scourge of all true sports fans. Extreme cases are evidenced by a trip to their "mecca" (stadium) to demonstrate their loyalty & obtain a pathetic photo of them wearing a blue team jersey while holding up one finger that they can later post as a testament to their senseless dedication.
Daughter: Daddy, what's a synonym for loser?

Father: There are lots of them honey, but the one that best describes would be the felons and retards in blue or bluetards.

Daughter: Do you mean the Dodger fans or the Cowboy fans?

Father: Yes.

Sometimes abbreviated FARIB
Also see fucktards or bluetards
by Mark in San Bruno February 11, 2010
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Abbreviation or acronym for felons and retards in blue.
Idiot: Dude, I'm going to wear my (Dallas/Los Angeles) jersey to the (other local team) game!

Sports fan: Well you can go sit with the other FARIB's in the bluetard section, you aren't sitting with me!
by Mark in San Bruno February 10, 2010
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netsheeping is a shortened version of "social netsheeping," which is a play on the term "social networking," but refers to changing your status message, avatar or picture under the direction of other users, either as an inside joke or a pass-it-on (or follow-the-leader) game where one would encourage their friends to do the same thing.

People that participate in social netsheeping are referred to as netsheep.
I was going to check my facebook account, but it seems all my friends are nothing but netsheep.

I joined facebook to network with old friends, but it seems like all anyone wants to do is (social) netsheeping!
by Mark in San Bruno February 03, 2010
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People that participate in social netsheeping on social networks.
I gave up facebook after I discovered all my friends are nothing but netsheep!
by Mark in San Bruno February 03, 2010
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Unlike "Social Networking" which would imply "work" or "networking" is being done, Social Netsheeping is an odd "follow the leader" phenomenon, sometimes called a "status game" that occurs on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites where people post instructions to post something specific in their user status (their bra or underwear color, the definition of their first name, the name of the first person they kissed, an excerpt from a certain page in the book nearest them at the moment, a coded message, phrase or number, etc..) or change their profile picture (to a baby pic or pet pic or hero or look-a-like celebrity) for no apparent reason other than, "everyone else is doing it."

Sometimes these requests ask that you copy the post and do something specific or unique to you, sometimes they ask you to post a coded message, like an inside joke, a dollar total derived from a list of illicit acts that are assigned specific values or a silly phrase that is made up from portions of text that are pieced together from a list using your date of birth or letters in your name.

The act of re-positng the request and/or complying with these given instruction or essentially, following the leader, is netsheeping or more formally, social netsheeping.
"OMG! I am so tired of all this social netsheeping! These people need to get a life!"

An example of a social netsheeping "game" or code would be a message sent instructing friends to post a phrase (without any explanation) in their facebook status, that is derived from a code:

In one example, a person wearing a black shirt, born on Jan 1, xxx0 would post, "I kicked a birdbath in your bathroom because that's how I roll!"

Search "current Facebook status game" or "I kicked a banana in your car because I'm cool like that" for more examples or actual codes used.
by Mark in San Bruno February 03, 2010
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