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The sticky orange substance that sticks to your finger tips when you eat Cheetos.
Every time I eat Cheetos, I have to lick the cheedle off of my fingers.
by Mark Greenblatt June 20, 2005
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The typically 50+ year old individuals who have a blinking 12:00 on their VCR. These people frequently have difficulty understanding and using anything electronic or computer related. If they do use such devices, it will normally be only for exactly their use, no more.
My dad asked me to program a show on his VCR because he is a member of the blinking 12 generation.
by Mark Greenblatt June 23, 2005
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Describes an overly emotional person, who is frequently a drama queen. If one ever gets into an argument with an emotiopath, using logic is pointless because they argue with feelings, not logic. Some emotiopaths consider being emotional as a strength. Usually emotiopaths will be triggered by something and have an uncontrollable emotional outburst.
Dang Gina! I was walking down the street minding my own bidness, when an emotiopath jumped out of the bushes and said, oh no you di int! you did not just wear a purple sweater with orange jeans! This beotch started scratching at my sweater, with her head tilted backward and to the side, squinting.
by Mark Greenblatt April 28, 2016
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