5 definitions by Marii

Someone who practices Kabala.
Madonna is a Kabalarian.
by Marii June 21, 2005
another way of saying steroids, aslo known as juice but, sauce is a more italian way of putting it, often used in the NYC/Westchester area
"Mike gained like 20 pounds in 2 weeks he must be on some sauce, he's jacked!"
by Marii March 11, 2005
Rendition of cracker made to sound like the infamous Lunchable's snack food. Could also mean a stack of crackers.
by Marii May 4, 2005
A person who accepts to and remotely enjoys the relationship of Garfield 'Beast Boy' Logan and Terra Markov in the popular Teen Titans animé and comics. Note that the producers of Teen Titans Sam Register, Marv Wolfram, Glen Murakami have confirmed this as an actual couple, as well as Robin/Starfire Shipper.
Major BB/T episodes include Terra, Titan Rising, Betrayal, and Aftershock I and II.
by Marii June 9, 2005