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Religion exploited by Madonna to promote her aging physique and formulamatic music.
Look at my red string bracelet, im so deep and philosophical, please by my music :(

by Bob Dole` November 24, 2003
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a religion made popular by celeberties; red string bracelet is worn to 'ward off evil sprits'; just a fad like the celebs themselves. (ashton kutcher, paris hilton, lindsay lohan) someone should ask paris hilton what the hell she knows about kabala. i'm sure she's very religious. i heard she reads.
if you want to be just like a teeny bopper celeb, wear a red yarn bracelet and you will seem as if you practice kabala. then you will fit in for the time being. until the next fad. like scientology. then call tom cruise.
by sh0rty September 13, 2005
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