52 definition by Marie

Italian, used for a greeting
"buon giorno"
by marie September 18, 2004

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Rough young people living in cities and towns in certain ares of Ireland wearing burberry hats tracksuit pant/short jeans and celtic jerseys with a few bulldog tatoos
I wouldnt go there if I were you,Thats a knack area
by Marie March 27, 2005

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1.) Filipino dessert
2.) a nonchalant way of calling someone a "puto"
Nothing's worse than a rice cake in his rice rocket!
by marie November 08, 2004

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Person from Oldham
You, you're a Yoner you is
by Marie August 23, 2003

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piss off
you are really bugging me now piss off
by marie August 04, 2003

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The onomatopoeia which refers to the sound produced by wiggling the tongue from the upper lip to the lower in rapid repetition. Originally created to re-enact an overzealous kiss. Modified to represent anything that is desirable, or thus, lickable/likeable.
If you see an attractive person, the motion of "habble-ing" (in their direction or towards a friend) would indicate you think they merit positive tongue-involving activities.
by marie November 25, 2003

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Greek, used when greeting a person
"yia sou"

by marie September 18, 2004

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