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After reading all the inept douchebags' definitions for evolution, I feel like I need to straighten some things out. Yes, I am an atheist. Yes, I do believe in evolution. I can't believe I even worded it like that, because that makes it sound like it's just some crack-pot theory. It is a fact. For all of you people who think that it is just some way for atheists to describe a world without "God", this just increases how incredibly inane you come off as. Some of you even think that there hasn't been proof of evolution, that there haven't been any fossils that show adaptations. Did you just not pay any attention in your science classes on purpose? "LOL SIENTS IZ STUPID EVOLUSHUN SAYZ THT WE CAYM FRUM MUNKEYZ".



Some of you have said that the Big Bang Theory is asinine as well, because "it says that the universe was created from one atom." The universe did not explode from hydrogen or any one element. It was all quarks and masons and charged particles so dense that they were opaque to light.

One person even mocked how scientists know the age of each layer of the earth. Just so you know, we do have actual intelligent people (unlike you, of course) that know a googolplex more than you. They do have actual technology that can date things now. If you haven't noticed it's actually the 21st century, not the 19th.

Please, just because you don't understand something, do not go and trash it. If I wanted to, I could talk shit about everyone's religion and tell about how ridiculous they all are. But I'm not going to, because I am a good person. I have been raised in a Christian family all my life (which has no correlation with my morality and knowledge of ethics). I go to church at least once a week. I do not disrespect my family or friends for what they believe in, even though I am completely against their religion. So I will say this: do not put others down because they believe in evolution - even though it really isn't a belief, it's a fact - it just makes you look like a fucking hypocrite.
Evolution and issues like this make me so angry. It just kills me that these people haven't been educated thoroughly enough. I was holding back so much. I have to let a just little more out...

Maredith's 53rd Calypso
Foma may make you happy, yes.
All these religions,
Cinderelli fairy tales,
Where they go when they dies.
But when do harmless untruths
Become harmful lies?
by Maredith June 19, 2008

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Crapulence- pronun.: crap-ΓΌ-lents; p.o.s.: adj.; def.: A crap-load; a nicer way to say shit-load without sounding like a 10 year old.
There was a crapulence of messages on my phone because I went a whole day without turning it on.
by Maredith June 20, 2008

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