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A person, usually a homosexual, who behaves in a way to bring attention to their sexuality.
Look at that guy walk! Is he flamboyosexual or what!?
by Mantronikk September 05, 2010

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A gay person who provokes straight people with false accusations of hatred, fear, or ignorance of homosexuals.
Bill keeps calling me a homophobe but I don't hate gays. What a homovocateur!
by Mantronikk August 25, 2010

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The overzealous persecution from the glbt community over words or phrases that they deem as offensive.
Bill got mad at me for saying, "that's gay" so I told him to shove his homocensorship.
by Mantronikk November 01, 2010

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A question that a person cannot answer honestly without revealing their true beliefs, intentions, or actions.
I asked my girlfriend an Achilles question about where she was over the weekend and she wouldn't answer me.
by Mantronikk May 05, 2010

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