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Can be used in relation to anything involving distraction and misdirection by which you get everyone to look one way, while whatever you're doing involves going the other way.
When everyone else moves right, you move left. That is what a Kansas City Shuffle is.
by Maness May 03, 2006
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Feudal Japanese warriors, who followed Bushido, or the Way of the Warrior. Highly honorable fighters, they were skilled warriors and were fiercly loyal to their lords (Daimyo)
If shamed or ordered to, would commit seppuku.
by Maness October 30, 2003
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Honorable suicide commited by Samurai after they have shamed themselves or are failed their masters. Samurai could be ordered to commit suicide by their lords (Daimyo)
The samurai would disembowel himself, and when the pain got to be too much to where he might shame himself, his second would decapitate him.
by Maness October 30, 2003
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The correct term when referring to carbonated beverages.

Often mistakenly called "Coke", which is actually a specific type of soda, and "Pop," which is just sounds like nails on a chalk board.
Often elongated into "Soda Pop," which if you'll notice starts with "Soda," denoting its being the proper term.
Maness - a Californian, goes to Michigan

Maness - "Hey can I get a soda?"
Michiganite - "Hahaha who says soda, its pop."
Maness - "I'm sorry my state is better than yours and by itself has 10% of the population, and we all say Soda. We aren't the only ones. Get on the train or get left behind."
by Maness February 28, 2006
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A slightly plump girl with a pretty face, nice skin, and usually a very nice set of breasts.
Man, usually I wouldn't be got with a thick girl but that one is a marshmallow!
by Maness August 29, 2007
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Waste of Fucking Time.

Often used in reference to useless females.
"Man, this girl gave me a handjob and expected that to be that, didn't finish the job. What a WOFT."
by Maness April 05, 2006
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