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Godlike in stature and considered handsome even by other men. A person who has been stalked by both women and goonermen as he is considered to be a playboy and highly sought companion. Oustanding physique bordering on an Adonis, with a pleasant and agreeable demeanor.
a really really nice guy...
by ManYooMan January 09, 2005
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......also prone to "big himself up" by voting for himself in ballots such as these see above His Employment and Matrimonial claims are straight from an episode of Only Fools & Horses, his personality being a cross between Del boy and Trigger calls himself tiger because he can't spell tr... Allthough a loner, has several egoes and therefore several friends.
My bad?? I seek counsel, for counsel hasn't voted for me yet!!
by ManYooMan January 12, 2005
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A dude who's stupidity knows no bounds and is able to annoy friend and foe alike. A barrack room lawyer who is constantly threatening to sue almost everyone he meets. As an adholescent he was known as Mr punch and grope but now suffers with self inflicted myopia.
The most famous gooner of all time
by ManYooMan January 07, 2005
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Chrmemsecs, or to use it's English translation, Anoraks, are world renowned in the history of Evolution for being articulate in both oral and anal social intercourse.

The most self-centred of egotists, Chrmemsecs salient and hypocritical unconscious incompetence, encourages sufferers to refer to themselves as Captain or Doctor.

Chrmemsec is synonymous with the Greek word 'Phil' or 'loving', most sufferers tend to take the meaning quite literally and fall in love with themselves, ending up a complete basket case.
Hello Phil :O) your a fine example of a Chrmemsecphil
by ManYooMan May 02, 2005
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Da creature known as Da Goonerman is definitely a Batty Boy
see above for an example of a Batty Boy
by ManYooMan January 07, 2005
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Da-itus.....The fear that, out there, somewhere, someone is happy...

An organic cerebral dysfunction, Da-itus is characterised by
megalomaniacal outbursts of a phallic and anal nature, akin to
pukka-phobia. A psychosomatic disease, Da-itus is commonly thought to
affect morose adolescents exposed to coitus-interruptus, or more
likely, coitus-nevergotus. Symptoms include a tendency to suffer
moments of prostrate, tempestuous puffiness in the nether regions,
Da-itus is often associated with salacious, irksome, invertebrates,
with sufferers tending to be prone to a plethera of fatal atractions.
Da Battyboy is da sufferer of da-itus
by ManYooMan May 07, 2005
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A synonym for A Goonerman or A Batty Boy.

Has a shrunken wallnut cushioned by sawdust instead of a cerebrum, and has difficulty in performing more than one task at the same time, such as breathing and movement. An occupant of heaths such as Hampstead he believes he is the most popular guy around.
It's squeaky bum time ......Wahey
by ManYooMan January 09, 2005
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