Squeaky bum time: The period of time, normally towards the end of a tense and pivotal football match, where nerves are high and people risk shitting themselves in expectation of the outcome.
It was squeaky bum time for Arsenal after Tiote equalised and Newcastle went looking for another
by AndyCarroll_Official April 20, 2016
the tense final stages of a league competition, especially from the point of view of the leaders, usually used in football (soccer)
With ten more games remaining in the season, its squeaky bum time for the league leaders, who cannot afford any more slip ups in their remaining games.
by Ron Atkinson January 30, 2007
Old Glaswegian saying for "On the verge of shiting yourself", commonly said in the closing stages of a football match when their is a one goal difference between teams, and the other team is going hell for leather in an attempt to score a goal.
It was squeaky bum time for Man Utd earlier, as Chelsea scored to bring the score to 2-1 with 5 minutes injury time remaining.
by kolapop May 5, 2011
Squeaky Bum Time

A tense situation in the sporting world, namely football (soccer)
However it can be applied to various scenarios.
Carp fishing example:
When you are reeling in a large carp that is putting up a fight, the tense situation of reeling such a large fish in.
A famous fish that causes squeaky bum time is the Tuna or Lil's Lin or that little koi that follows dropscale
Guy: I'd love you to catch the Tuna.
Girl: I'd love to catch that, I'd go mental.
Guy: when you're reeling the tuna in it'll be squeaky bum time.
Girl: what's squeaky bum time?
by Biker6676 October 17, 2019