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The model used by white rich kids all over in frats. Many of the terms you may find in these two groups are synonomous. Crackhouse is to gangs as Frathouse is to frats. Both go through initiation. Gang members rape, frat boys date rape. etc.
I was gonna be in the Bloods, but I had to settle for Delta Kappa Epsilon, the second most hardcore gang in Wyoming.
by Major November 29, 2004

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Ghetto ass way of getting high that I don't recommend. It is a cigarette (can be a joint too) dipped in embalming fluid. Don't even ask me how terrible it is for your lungs.
We were in Southside Chicago, and a crazy guy smokin a wet daddy bit me in my nose and took my wallet.
by Major December 16, 2004

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A joint that is rolled up with about half weed and half tobacco. It makes the smoke much more light and easy to get a good smoke if you don't have a lot of green left. Note: 50/50s get you higher than you may think.
Yeah, we rolled a 50/50 and smoked it as we walked to our intramural soccer game.
by Major November 24, 2004

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Balls or testicles.
Owww! I just got kicked in the norts.
by major August 31, 2003

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