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I-rie \I ' -ree\ adj Rasta/Jamaican patois 1: powerful and pleasing
2: excellent, highest n 3: the state of feeling great.
RESPECT man live life irie and you will lead a happy life.
by mah January 06, 2005

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large and in charge.
that housewife eating ice cream is large and in charge.
by mah April 16, 2005

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best fucking punk band in the world
did u go to the clash show? it was fucking terrif
by mah February 22, 2005

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pretty insaneo, more intense version of gnarly.
you banged 9 chicks in one night? gnarballs!
by mah January 06, 2005

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the animal like "goat"
His activities tells that he is a sagol
by MAH January 30, 2005

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chilly means like cool or rad. see chill.
"i got laid last night twice, it was chilly"
by MAH January 31, 2005

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somthing that is said at any random time; is also good for a navigational system to say
What is the answere to that question

by Mah May 23, 2003

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