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1. Essentially a process, by which a 'person' is converted to a newbie.

2. noobition can be used in informal speech as a reference to a measure of an 'un kept' score; in which the final goal is becoming a total newbie.
1. c0de noobition is exceptionally high today...

2. c0de, your noobition has increased exponentially!

3. That's another point to his noobition!
by Mafiah October 27, 2003
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1. A process of being 'berated', while holding the status of a newbie.

2. Can also be seen in conjunction with 'liberated', pertaining to the affirmation of one's noobition
1. Attention, c0de just got nooberated!If you value your status quo, escape now!

2. Dammit, we have no time, if we do not escape now c0de will nooberate us to his level!
by Mafiah October 27, 2003
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1.is a stonerrrrr
2.the shit
3.loves tattoos and peircings
4.party girl
5.sexy bad bitch
Shalaco; rehab & everybody like meh
by mafiah January 23, 2015
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