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Being big from Steroids, usually intraveniously
Man the club was full of juiced up nutcases
by Maf June 25, 2003
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FIDDY in australia a $50 bag of weed is pronounced fiddy
by Maf July 27, 2003
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n. singular (pl. mammeir) from the latin: mammus (divinely chosen to eat) .
def: a very avid pasta eater; pasta lover;
also: predestined to long journeys in unusual places (i.e. Ulisse become Ulisser
in another epic story lost in the Greek archives of Athens around 356 a.d.).
also (rare): not English proficient.
"So, you went to Olive Garden and you ate a pound of pasta? what are you? a Mammeor?"
by Maf May 13, 2005
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