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A database of IRC/Instant Messenger quotes. Other quote databases exist, but none are as popular. Criticized for the sheer amount of crappy quotes. Also criticized for the constantly large amount of pending quotes.

As of today, there are 18026 quotes approved and 11019 quotes pending.
How to get into the Bash.org quote database, as told by a quote inside the database itself:

<Nubbers> Is there any listing of the criteria for a bash quote, anyway? Or should I just make a joke combining masturbation, child pornography, racism, and dungeons and dragons...
<Edible> If it has "bash.org" or "nigger" in it, it'll get in. Watch.
<Edible> Hey, so nigger I nigger with nigger to nigger bash.org nigger bash.org bash.org nigger nigger nigger.
by Madvillainous June 5, 2005
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An Urban Dictionary definition for clueless girls and women to post pictures of themselves in order to inflate their egos. See attention whore, webcam chick.
Look at the top of this page for an example.

John: Did you see the images under the UD word "sexy?" What a bunch of idiots.
Jill: Hey, that's me up there :( Please be kind.
by Madvillainous June 5, 2005
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Released in 1991, starring Mario as the main character of course. One of the better games in the universe.

As usual, the storyline follows Mario's quest to save Princess Peach.

This was the first game featuring Yoshi, the green dinosaur. Mario can ride on Yoshi's back, and Yoshi can swallow enemies and jump on spikey objects. Hidden in the game are red, blue and yellow Yoshis.

Each special Yoshi color has a different ability whilst holding a Koopa in his mouth. Red Yoshi can breath fire, Blue Yoshi can fly and Yellow Yoshi can hit enemies with sand when jumping on the ground.

At the end of each land, Mario enters a castle and battles one of Bowser's 8 children. At the end of the game, Mario duals Bowser at the top of Bowser's castle. The castle has a secret back entrance...
Did you find all the secrets in Super Mario World?
by Madvillainous June 5, 2005
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