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A weapon with a blade longer than that of a dagger, but shorter than that of a sword. The kodachi is mainly used for defense.
Aoshi Shinomori kicks butt with his two kodachi.
by MT November 20, 2003

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1. A person who likes to munch ass.
2. Steve Harris.
Steve, you assmuncher!
by MT November 14, 2003

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a small unkown town in the foothills of North Carolina, Taylorsville NC, better known as taterhill
"Taterhill ain't got nothin to do on the weekends let alone during the week"
by mt March 19, 2005

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feeling like shit.
what am i? chop liver?
by mt June 22, 2004

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Fluffy golden brown hair surrounding the penis.
Isn't that some handsome dickwheat!
by MT January 03, 2004

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What Alex Shen from gashoponshop.net doesn't know the meaning of.
Alex Shen doesn't know the meaning of shazay.
by mt March 04, 2005

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a fun-lovin' idiot with a three seconds memory; ALSO SEE TASH
(Actual definition from the University of Sydney's Official Dictionary)
Good Morning to you too Twit... for the 34th time today and its only 9:30am... #@^%!!!
by MT September 15, 2003

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