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An older semi-automatic Czechoslovakian battle rifle originally developed after WWII and chambered for 7.62x45, but rechambered for 7.62x39 after Czechoslovakia was engulfed by the Soviet Union.

This rifle features a detachable 10-round magazine and a side folding bayonet. It is comparable to the SKS both in original concept and basic layout.

Later replaced by the SA VZ 58 assault rifle in the early 1960s.
The VZ 52 is said by some to be more accurate than the SKS.
by MLW RS18 December 28, 2011
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A pattern of machete commonly used in Eastern and Southern Africa. Has a hook shape on the front of the blade above the cutting edge.
Pangas are a common tool and weapon in Southern Africa.
by MLW RS18 April 16, 2015
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The railfan term for Electro-Motive Division's "General Purpose" or "GP" series of four-axled road switchers.
The GP7 was the first model of "Geep" to be offered by EMD in 1949.
by MLW RS18 March 24, 2013
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