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Wander Poke :


The act of purposely penetrating the anus during intercourse but claiming it was accidental . Often used as a method to gauge the sexual partners willingness or openness to having anal sex by the receiving partners reaction.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
Wander poking has always been the best way to introduce the idea of anal sex to you girlfriend or wife. Wanna spice up things in the bedroom. Often words get in the way and all thats needed is a harmless wander poke to her ass to gauge her willingness to anal intercourse.
by LuvH8Luv March 10, 2022
City Hall door knob: see definition for ‘town bike

In regards to a very promiscuous and slutty female. Who has had sexual encounters with just about everyone in the city. Or wouldn’t have a problem attempting to. Everyone gets a turn. Just like a door knob at the city hall.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
When asking my friend if that hot Slut Jaclyn would be at the swingers party. He told me that she had become the city hall door knob the last he heard. And from that risky lifestyle ended up giving a turn to the wrong guy who then turned her out as a prostitute. The pimp soon realized she wasn’t a good earner since she was so use to giving it out for free and given her history with bedding down with nearly all the residents in the city , at one point in time or another without ever asking the guy for money. There wasn’t a single man who was willing to pay for a dirty town bike which they have all ridden for free. What a shame I thought. Cause she was fun and good to look at. Guess It is a Fine line between a fun ho. And a dumb and ruined one.
by LuvH8Luv December 27, 2022
Whore’scope: a list of names of sexual partners that promiscuous people keep in a little black book, index card, rolodex or any other method of archiving information so to keep track, count or just for remembering sake of who they have had sexual relations with. Can be valuable information for potential spouses similar to how A Car-Fax report would be for people shopping for cars. Unfortunately a whore’ascope is not information shared openly. But one thing is more than likely to happen. You will get laid, sucked off, and if that person keeps a whore’ascope, you will be added to that list. Only real question left to ponder is was it worth it or will it have been worth it? Cause some whores are better than others and some are just a whoriffic mistake.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
After stumbling upon Amber’s whore’ascope notebook. And realizing just how diverse and long the list was. It helps to explain just why she is the way she is and why she has so many toxic short lived relationships. The entire scope of her whore like ways would have helped me not get so emotionally attached to her. Lesson here is one must treat a whore like a whore. Otherwise you would be expecting too much from the damaged and wounded and emotional disappointment is all you are left with if not a STD along with it.
by LuvH8Luv November 17, 2022
Amburnt: when a person needs to take better care of their own well being in just about every aspect of their life. From years of not legitimately suffering thru life’s issues and learning from them. But instead they cope with trauma by using drugs or alcohol. Generally a word used for addicts of meth who haven't had a healthy amount of sleep which makes them unreasonable with false sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur amongst many other poor human characteristics. Word is believed to have been 1st used by frustrated people who were friends with a female named Amber , who had severe personality disorder plus drug addict. Also hasn't had a healthy nor meaningful relationship ever due to reasons mentioned above but not limited to those reasons.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
I’m so tired of being stuck with a malignant narcissist who is constantly creating turmoil and provoking me to defend my good nature only to be gaslighted as if the problem she created is all my fault. I doubt more sleep, more care or even mental healthcare professional could maje her realize the errors of her ways. Can’t help someone who is that severely amburnt . I need to run the opposite direction from someone that toxic. If only there was a warning system for her type. I would issue a ‘Amburnt Alert’’ to warn others of her.
by LuvH8Luv November 8, 2022
When one's lap becomes over crowded with random things from multitasking while sitting in same spot for extended period of time.

Derived from the word tidy and lap

After cramming for my art project 's final assignment last night, I ended up with lapuntidus. Took me nearly 5 minutes to clear everything off my lap and around my chair before I could even stand up.
by LuvH8Luv September 12, 2015
Soul Nerve disease: Is the literal translation from Mandarin Chinese to English . Has been commonly used by 2nd to 3rd generation Chinese Americans born in the states. In the Mandarin Chinese language, it is primarily used when describing a person who has severe mental instabilities like insane or crazy pronounced shun- jing.bing. But in America when translated its used for people whom have personality disorders that are generally untreatable. Example would be calling someone who is a malignant narcissist someone who is suffering from a severe case of soul nerve disease.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
When asking my friend, who has been in a toxic relationship , how everything was going. He said, that he finally realized he had to leave his girlfriend before he gets totally drained by her soul nerve diseased manipulative ways. Which was a relief for me and all other friends to hear. Cause that girl was a jezebel spirit if there ever was one.
by LuvH8Luv October 25, 2022
Naygayer is a troll type who will disagree with anything thats not in lined with the Lesbian, gay, trans or any of the other variants of being queer and their agenda. Will vote thumbs down or not like anything thats not stroking their own ego. They will vote down or dislike even the most obvious of truths. Derived from the word naysayer.

Submitted by Luvh8luv
Nothing worse than a pessimistic gay surfing the internet while still in the closet. They tend to be naygayers to anything I post or tweet just because i am representing masculinity and think the feminist movement is dangerous to the family structure.
by LuvH8Luv November 16, 2022