Being related to or having to do with a whore, whores, or including but not limited to whoreyness, things whore-like, and whore populated places.
See: Whore for detailed definition.
"That street was Whoriffic"
"She did him good, that shit was whoriffic"
by Chllgy February 22, 2007
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Adjective used to describe A woman, piece of clothing/outfit,event that is either: A. Over the top Whorish or B. Whorish but fabulous
1. Did you see the dress Lil Kim wore to her trial? It was completely whoriffic.
2.That dress is whoriffic..I think I love it.
3.Britney Spears's new video is whorrific.
by FAFA28 February 24, 2009
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an ugly, slutty whore who actually gets guys to sleep with her despite her horrific face. The thought of even sleeping with her is horrifying to the rest of the public.
Nobody in the office believed Namrata hooked up with the boss and also another co-worker in the same year, she is straight up whoriffic!!
by Omniscient Queen December 10, 2008
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