Amburnt: when a person needs to take better care of their own well being in just about every aspect of their life. From years of not legitimately suffering thru life’s issues and learning from them. But instead they cope with trauma by using drugs or alcohol. Generally a word used for addicts of meth who haven't had a healthy amount of sleep which makes them unreasonable with false sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur amongst many other poor human characteristics. Word is believed to have been 1st used by frustrated people who were friends with a female named Amber , who had severe personality disorder plus drug addict. Also hasn't had a healthy nor meaningful relationship ever due to reasons mentioned above but not limited to those reasons.

Submitted by LuvH8Luv
I’m so tired of being stuck with a malignant narcissist who is constantly creating turmoil and provoking me to defend my good nature only to be gaslighted as if the problem she created is all my fault. I doubt more sleep, more care or even mental healthcare professional could maje her realize the errors of her ways. Can’t help someone who is that severely amburnt . I need to run the opposite direction from someone that toxic. If only there was a warning system for her type. I would issue a ‘Amburnt Alert’’ to warn others of her.
by LuvH8Luv November 8, 2022
Amburnt Alert: see definition and example sentence for Amburnt.

Amburnt Alert is a system that if existed as suggested consist of a database of the names of people, who are at high risk of or already a full blown malignant narcissist and to further complicate the diagnosis of person, addiction and substance abuse is added to the mix. AKA “amburnt” .

Would be part of the background check if name of person was searched for online. If an amburnt alert is associated with profile. Many things can be avoided. Some have compared such a list or database to the sex offenders registry but far less misleading and more accurate when utilized for risk management .
When I ran a background check on my son’s new girlfriend’s name, I was relieved there were no amburnt alerts thus far associated with her. But as far as i can tell, she is exhibiting textbook characteristics of one. My wife then reminded me the amburnt alert system is only in its infant stage of existence . And that the real system is thru good parenting and sharing of how to spot and avoid the personality disorder. Which is taking the advice and warnings from experienced survivors who have had toxic relationships with the type.
by LuvH8Luv November 23, 2022