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The anteater from the mini-series Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. He's actually Anubis but other than a child's misunderstanding, no one is for certain why exactly he appears as an anteater.

What sets him appart from real-life anteaters is his long blade-like teeth and size; he's probably about 4' 0" on all fours. He has a reputation of killing(those who deserve it) as well as healing. Despite his brutality he can be quite friendly and likes being scratched behind the ears.
Antubis is probably one of(if not the only)the most liked characters of Kingdom Hospital.
by Lunar August 04, 2004
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A vampire-like animal responsible for cattle mutilations in Central and South America.
"La chupucabra."
by lunar April 03, 2003
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Like corn, only in space.
"Space corn... space oats... space wheat..."
by lunar April 04, 2003
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Person who uses wikipedia WAYYY too much.
I used wikipedia for my term paper. I'm such a wikiwhore.
by LunaR May 10, 2007
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A phrase to tick off residents of the UK invented by The Cheat and made famous by Strong Bad.
This will be great just say "screw all y'all"
by lunar April 04, 2003
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Like a bunny, only from space.
Not a spaceman, a space bunny.
by lunar April 04, 2003
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The alarm clock of the future.
Stupid alarm clock! Malfunctioning again! You're supposed to serve humanity!
by lunar April 04, 2003
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