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A fun card game requiring at least eight people and the more the merrier. One person is the Sheriff, another is the Doctor. At least one person is the Mafioso, though with more people, there can be more. Everyone else is a townsperson. Roles are chosen by card dealing. Another person, who does not actually play, is the Narrator. He runs the game.

The Narrator will tell everyone to go to sleep. Then he will tell the Mafioso to wake up and select a person to kill. The he tells the Mafioso the go to sleep.

Then he will tell the Doctor to wake up and select a person to save. If the Doctor selects the same person the Mafioso selected, the person lives. The he tells the Doctor the go to sleep.

Then he will tell the Sherrif to wake up and accuse a person of being the Mafioso. If he selects correctly, the Narrator will nod. The he tells the Sherrif the go to sleep.

The Narrator then tells everyone to wake up. If a person died during the night, the Narrator will say so.

Then the floor is open for accusations. Everyone but the dead can pick someone to accuse. If someone is accused, they then have the opportunity to defend themselves. The table then votes on whether or not to send them to the electric chair. If they do, that person is also dead, whether they are the Mafioso are not.

The game continues until all the Mafiosos are dead.
Me and my friends often play Mafia at birthday parties.
by LorgSkyegon November 8, 2004
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1. A slimy, disgusting creature that lives off the dead.
2. Michael Moore (see definition 1)
A fly's baby is a maggot.
by LorgSkyegon December 3, 2005
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The period from the AD 700 to AD 1500 which is considered the Golden Age of Japanese swordsmanship. Katana-style swords were coming into popularity and craftsmanship was at it's peak.
Legendary koto-era swords were made by the swordsmiths Masamune and Muramasa.
by LorgSkyegon October 9, 2004
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A martial art created in Czechoslovakia in the 1930's and adopted by the Israeli military. It favors survival above all else. The rules of attack and defense are simple: be faster, stronger, quicker, natural, and to the point.

Originally taught only in Israel, there is now a school open in Los Angeles.
A Krav Maga master can destroy a Judo master.
by LorgSkyegon January 23, 2005
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1. The land promised by God to the Israelites after they left Egypt.

2. An outdoor paintball field in SE Wisconsin.
1. After wandering the desert for 40 years, the Israelites finally reached the Promised Land.

2. Promised Land is the best paintball aprk ever.
by LorgSkyegon October 2, 2004
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A book published by the KGB to encourage violence and encite hatred of Jews. Supposedly describes the world-dominating plans of the Zionist Shadow Government. Probably helped the Holocaust and still used by Neo-Nazis and militant Muslims to justify ant-Semitic violence.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a fake.
by LorgSkyegon November 22, 2004
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A sword of Japanese origin, also called a 'nodachi'. It looks like an extra long katana. The sword was notoriously difficult to make and wield and was mainly used for killing mounted cavalry troops.
I got cut in half by an odachi.
by LorgSkyegon October 23, 2004
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