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A mindset where you think you are legendary and and godly at everything you do. Commonly found in people with bad hair and people that have a C as the first letter of their first name. And anyone with a N in the laster letter of their last name definitely has a god complex. If you have C as your first letter of your first name and N in the last letter of your last name then your god complex is deadly. Anyone with a deadly god complex will get beaten up many times for thinking they are so good. They are also infectious
That Charlie Pearson has a Deadly god complex.
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by LordShaggy666 June 29, 2019

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To yeet something with a great significance
You have 2 choices, you accept the punishment and I will yeet you, or you deny the punishment and I will Yite you.
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by LordShaggy666 September 01, 2019

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