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A word made into a group in Early 2009 starded by a guy and his mates calling a stoned and drunk kid passed out on his floor the kid then went around calling everyone the word then it got quite popular on the night of Mardi Gras in Sydney a group starderd calling them selves dallas with the kid in it claim to be all born with the name in Darling Harbour Playground across from Maccas in the Sand pit.

That night the group travelled all threw the city looking for Weed having there big adventures in Oxford Street biggest Queer area ever and Kings Cross full of Sluts pedos psychos junkys and wogs however threw the whole night they had no luck but however did have a epic time in the process coming across the most strangest fucked up beings that night ended but more Dallas adventures came for the dallas gang.

As word spread threw to West sydney eg Burwood Strathy South Coast like Stanny park and Kiama and even the Sutherland Shire Thursday nights at Miranda Fair the word was said at least a thousands times.

The Word became very quite popular manily used now for kids who go out late have sick times seshing n graf and go on drug hunts anyone who was aganist this in all ways were called Sallads reverse of the word were a group of cowardly fags who whinge and are all usually straight edge kids who think drugs r bad and will kill you which is pretty much bullshit to the dallas kids which are the right ones every kid who is a sallad should probably go die in a hole or shot themselfs between the eyes or chop there balls off (Y) little pansy cunts

The story of Dallas was then made as him being the creator and God being a women when Dallas got lonely and puffed him out when he was smoking cones he told God to create everything then they had sex and had a child which was Sallad. Sallad hated everything about his father and wanted everything to be good and drugs to be illegal and bad it was beleived Sallad was the God of the Police which controls the 50 to be such fuckwit cunts and arrest you just for smoking a simple plant which grows naturally the gronks.

Dallas Lives still today!
Sam-oi Dallas bro have you got any chuff?
Jon-Nah man
Sam-wtf? u serious well do u wanna come for a paint with me n the boys?
Jon-nah man i don't do that shit thats heps dumb n sketcy smoking and pills r for fags anyway i should call the cops on u to put ur asses in jail for doing that dumb shit

by Loosends69 June 09, 2009

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