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2 definitions by LooseCanon

Refers to the action taken by a masseuse that leads to a happy ending. Only applicable if the situation involves a masseuse and a client. While the action maybe be considering jerking off or masterbating or oral sex it is only valid in this specific context.
To be massausaged.

synonyms: handjob, masterbation, jerking off, wacking it, spanking the monkey
The gentleman thought that the massausage went well but the happy ending came too quick.

The masseuse was the best massausager, or was highly skilled at massausaging

It was extra for a lubricated massausage
by LooseCanon November 15, 2011
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A unit of measurement used to determine the sexual willingness of a random partner. Often referred to in the context of a verb, a 'Kelso' is equivalent to a full measure. A half-Kelso would suggest that an experience has been only somewhat satisfying. Example: She sucks, but does not swallow, she is only 'Half a Kelso', She enjoys one or more digits inserted into her anus but is not a fan of full penis penetration up the pooper, she is only 'Half a Kelso'. Alternatively, if the sexual experience can be likened to a hardcore porn movie, you would use the verb to describe the situation of having gone all 'Kelso' on her ass.
What was she like? On a scale of Zero to Kelso?
by LooseCanon April 22, 2013
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