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(noun) {molEE^rant} An indigant, sanctimonious and opinionated diatribe on the the stupiddity of an individual, corporation or organization. Mollyrant implies commentary of extended length and vitriputition which is often lengthy, seriallized or recuring in nature.
Whatever you do, don't mention the iPhone price cut in front of her; she'll just go on a total mollyrant.
by LoTek October 05, 2007
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the choice a friend makes to play on a better sports team with strangers than to play with his friends in hopes of winning more.
"Is Mark going to play league ball with us?"
" no he's red dawning!"
by Lotek March 01, 2015
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When a guy is sucking your dick while you pour Burbon on his face.
Where did all the Burbon go?

Oh last night you got a Kentucky dick suck?!
by Lotek November 27, 2016
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The 3 to 5 day old tampon pulled out by a doctor that is later found to be the cause of your septic shock.
"Remember nurse to change daily Otherwise you'll get an icu tampon"
by Lotek March 02, 2015
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the act of forcefully refusing to go to a strip club by throwing your billfold away
" hey let's all go to the strip club!"

"No! I don't want to! My girlfriend will kill me" followed by a wallet spike
by Lotek March 02, 2015
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