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1) A symbol of happiness.

2) Something that comes after all types of rain, but not drizzle.

3) A sign that "God" is having gay sex.
1) "I'm so happy."

2) "Why isn't there a rainbow?"
"Because it just drizzled--it didn't actually rain."
"Drizzle sucks.
"Yeah, tell me about it."

3) Ask Ben for more details
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009

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1) Someone from Washington.

2) A weird person who doesn't use an umbrella when there's clearly water falling out of the sky.

3) Someone who pronounces Oregon the WRONG way.

4) A person who thinks the world is coming to an end when it starts snowing.

5) A person who is technologically underdeveloped.
1) "I'm a Washingtonian."

2) "He got pneumonia from being in too much rain and died."
"Why wasn't he using an umbrella?"
"I don't know. He must be a Washingtonian."

3) WRONG way = Or-ee-gun
RIGHT way = Oh-ree-gahn

4) Me: "It's snowing!!!" *dances with joy*
Washingtonian: "Omg the world's coming to an end!!!! Everyone run for your lives!!!!"

5) "He died of heatstroke because he didn't have an air conditioner in his apartment."
"What kind of idiot doesn't have an air conditioner in their apartment when it's 115 outside?"
"I don't know; he must have been a Washingtonian. I hear they don't believe in air conditioning.
by Live.Love.Learn July 24, 2009

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1) A free treatment for depression.

2) A free teeth-whitening treatment.

3) Something amazing people do.

4) Lying in the ♥SUN♥
1) Tanning puts people in a better mood...for free!

2) Tanning will make your teeth look whiter. It will make your skin look darker, which will cause your teeth to look whiter in comparison.

3) "Oh look at that girl--she's tanning!"
"I know, isn't she amazing?"

4) Orion: "Hey what're you up to?"
Me: "Lying in the sun, tanning. I'm gonna die of skin cancer."
Orion: "Yes you are...I fucking hate the sun."
by Live.Love.Learn July 31, 2009

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