3 definitions by LiquongDaemingSwing

A hyperactive cunt, who frantically jumps around, as if his genes hit the wrong side of evolution.
Colin: Hey did you see Andrew at camp last week?
Gordon: Oh yeah, he was jumping on the rocks right
Colin: What a F@%* Monkey King
by LiquongDaemingSwing March 15, 2018
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When you witness a DENSE-ASS guy, miss all the "Hints" from a chick who is clearly into him.
Jamie: Yo, dude i saw Michelle talking to Andrew about coming over to have "fun" at her place, late at night
Frank: What did Andrew say about that?
Jamie: Dude, he said he would rather sleep at night then have fun
Frank: WOWWWW, now that's AbsoluteCUCKERY
by LiquongDaemingSwing March 14, 2018
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An edgy wannabe, who doesn't realise they cant' spell "ELECTRIC" for shit, and whole-heartedly believes that they are the number 1 coolest person out there.
: Hey, did you see Jamie walking with the shades yesterday
: Oh yeah, looked to me like he was trying to pull an "Electrik"
by LiquongDaemingSwing March 13, 2018
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