8 definitions by Lia

A derogatory term for the Welsh, as used by the English.
What are all those fucking toffs doing on our side of the border?
by Lia March 29, 2005
Best band on this world.
Hey, it's another day in A!
by Lia May 1, 2004
21st Century London term (originated from a typo) for someone who has a total inability to type correctly for whatever reason, usually inebriation.
Hybrid of the words 'keyboard' and 'retard'.
MSN messenger conversation:

-So Lndoon rlues, dosn't it?
-Yeah. Dude, you're a total keybotard today, what's the deal?
by Lia March 29, 2005
Slang term for gay teenagers.
Stories about boy love.. a.k.a slash
by Lia December 23, 2004
Future amazons word for 'sex'
'death by snu snu'
by Lia August 26, 2004
I great band out of Jersey City....with the sexiest drummer ever
Metal Baby!!!!!!!
by Lia June 8, 2004