28 definitions by Leslie

adj- something that is better than all the rest, hearty and wholesome, often used with an event or person. see money
"dude that chick was meat," "dude that game you played was meat"
by Leslie May 31, 2004
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Kip's girlfriend, sandy blonde hair, just waves in the air.
Kip while talking online: I love the way your sandy blonde hair just waves in the air...
by Leslie March 1, 2005
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my stinky stupid ex-boyfriend well i think that every girl thinks that way
well goodness i think the def explains it
by Leslie August 27, 2004
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pa is married to ma but pa is also ma's uncle which makes him great uncle daddy
by Leslie October 17, 2003
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a shit cunt who thinks hes a hero and he takes everything to the heart
person 1: "you alright man? are u feeling kinw?"
person 2: *punches wall*
by Leslie January 13, 2004
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A word used for insulting or saying that something is very cool.
That is like, kirkly man.
by Leslie January 10, 2004
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what two people do when they're snowed in, bored and need to warm up.
everyone thought we were going to snow fuck i guess
by Leslie February 20, 2003
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