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Any car, typically an older or particularly cheap model, which has had more than its value's worth invested in aftermarket (and typically cheap-looking) modifications.

The archetypetal hooptie is a beaten 70's-model American car with dark tinting and flashy (if not actually expensive) rims, but may include anything from an iced out Geo to a dilapidated van or Honda.

Compare with beater; contrast with whip.
Instead of investing money in a newer or more reliable car, Tito continued to drop more cash into laying the bling on his hooptie.
by Lesaint July 13, 2006

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Contrast with liberal.
1. Kid: "Mom, can we wear our bathing suits today instead of regular underwear?"

Conservative Mom: "No."

2. Citizen: "Sir, can we live how we want, and marry who we want, and work only as much as we have to, decide our own morals, and actually make an attempt to make use of our supposed freedom?"

Conservative Man: "No."
by LeSaint March 02, 2007

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Synonymous with dick move.
E-money: "Where's the beer fund?"
J-money: "I think one of the last people out last night jacked it."
E-money: "What a fuckin' douche move."
by Lesaint August 07, 2006

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A response to a ridiculous inquiry or request, loudly and in the manner of a classic stool pigeon, intended to thwart the inquirer and used to indicate that you're not going ot buy into their fakeness/foolishness by responding in kind. Oft followed or preceded by a "Myeah" declaration.

From Dave Chappelle, who noted that particularly fake people often unwantedly elicit equally fake responses from others.
Beezy: "Oh my god did you hear about the catfight Lindsay Lohan got in last night?!"

You: "No, see!"

Beezy: "What??"

You: "Myeah."
by Lesaint August 10, 2006

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The politically correct version of the candy bar Snickers, implemented by paranoid middle-class conservative Whites (the same people who are responsible for Snickerdoodles becoming Negrodoodles and the beloved Winnie the Pooh caracter Tigger being called Tegro).
White Guy 1: "Hey man it's the half=time show! Pass me the bag of Snickers."

White-Ass Black Guy: "What the fuck did you just call me?"

White Guy 2: "Chill, mane. He was talking about the SNEGROs."
by LeSaint February 04, 2007

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To freak out (trip) way too much over something trivial.

Compare to foofaraw, hullabaloo.
"Homeboy over there is makin' a bunch of argle bargle over that spilled Hennessy."
by LeSaint November 15, 2006

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