65 definitions by Leah

1. N: A combination of retard and fuck
2. N: see fucktard
3. V: to fuck again; repeat fucking
2. I'm going to refuck you.
by Leah October 13, 2004
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somebody who is well known.
usually called bitchy/nasty/slaggy. but usually actually a nice person.
people often think just because somebodys popular they will end up being a looser the rest of their lives.
given a lot of respect to their face, but behind their backs often slagged off.
geek: "look at that popular person, shes just guna end up workin in mc donalds"
by leah December 06, 2003
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profanity: fuck
verb: to fuck
anything: fuck
1. dewt off!
2. I would like to dewt her!
3. dewter!
by leah December 19, 2004
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One who is neither a follower (sheep) or a leader (shepard)
"I'm not a sheep or a shepard, what does that make me?"
"A goat"
by Leah November 30, 2004
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Meaning that everything that comes out of your mouth can not be believed.
Your all full of Kaka mate!
by Leah December 07, 2003
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Being unsure of oneself. Confused to the extreme.
I was so cuntfused when she called me an assbasket.
by Leah October 19, 2003
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Umm dammit look how gay that looks sir
by Leah May 28, 2003
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