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Every thing. It is use as a response to everything when in Army Basic Training at Fort JackSon, SC.

Also the mascot of 2/28 BCT company in Fort Jackson, SC.
Drill SGT: "...Blah blah blah. Do you under stand private??"

Private: "Black lions Drill SGT!"

by LeMarcus September 25, 2006
It is the skin at the base of the penis before the ball sack. Much like a frontward taint.
Man, I got this weird red spot on my Snik-sag, i should have left that hoe alone!
by LeMarcus September 20, 2006
LB being the abbreviation for pound (in the case referring to rough sex ie: she got pounded) and Cakes short for Pink Pancakes as defined on this site. Thus LB CAKES = Pounding out a females private area.
Guy 1: Wat did you do last night?
Guy 2: Son I met this cute ass red bone chick!
Guy 1: Word?! Did you LB CAKES ?

Guy 2: Nah, her nappy headed friend was cock blockin!
by LeMarcus November 3, 2009
Use to describe virginal lips that are overly larger or folding over more then normal. So when turned sideways they look like a stack of pink pancakes.
That girls pussy lips were so fat they looked like pink pancakes.
by LeMarcus June 23, 2006
A Perfect Pit is an American Pit Bull Terrier that is sound in conformation, strong, agile, mobile,kind, and ell tempered. These APBT come from the best of the best breeders and are only used for non crual purposes.
Woman at dog show: ... and this is Isis of Perfect Pits Kennel!

Judge: Wow, She really is a Perfect Pit.
by LeMarcus October 1, 2006
When someone lies or goes on about nothing. Along the same lines as being full of shit or bull shitting people.
Woman: You know you the baby daddy!
Baby daddy: The fuck i am!
baby daddy's best friend:Ya'll both speaking that bootychatter. You better take care of your seed.
by LeMarcus October 1, 2006