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the noice that comes out the mouth of haters or middlemen,(Instigators). Old southern term regularly used by grown men or o.g.'s. used as bootychatta or shit talkin.
young man: yo,LeRoy, Mr. Wilson said that you aint shit.
LeRoy: Mann, he just talkin that bootychatta.
by Nick "Mista Fridaynight" Wade December 08, 2004
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bull shit, when someone's telling a lie, when someone says something that's stupid or doesn't make sense
- These hoes better stop that booty chatter and get my money
- Bush be speakin some booty chatter in his speaches
- I dont know what he was saying, it was just a whole lotta booty chatter
-Dats some booty chatter how they gon tell me no
by Mic Check September 07, 2005
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Talking a LOT of shit. Usually ignorant bull shit that will piss you off.
Bruh was talking all that booty chatter so I had to beat his ass to shut him up.
by BIG KL April 04, 2015
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When someone lies or goes on about nothing. Along the same lines as being full of shit or bull shitting people.
Woman: You know you the baby daddy!
Baby daddy: The fuck i am!
baby daddy's best friend:Ya'll both speaking that bootychatter. You better take care of your seed.
by Lemarcus October 01, 2006
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The act of talking about bullshit. Something that's crazy or ridiculous.
"Dude, the zombie apocolypse is gonna happen"
"Nah, that shit's booty chatter"
by Senior BonBon February 20, 2013
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