4 definitions by Lazyie

1. opposite of sweet
2. A evil/angry/mad/nasty person
3. A Bitch
1. Bitter
2. What the fuck is wrong with that nigga?
3. Man, you acting hella sour today...
by Lazyie July 25, 2008
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Black guy with Super Powers or not, he could just be very resourceful.

His Powers: Fight the White man, Super speed for stealing. Super strength for banging, and incredible aim wit a gat.

Weakness: Bitches,Hoes, mark ass Tricks, White Women, and Cronic.
It's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's a ghetto-ass Superman, wait wrong again it's NegroMan.
by Lazyie July 27, 2008
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1. A bag containing what could be leafs, that you put in a drink. actually kinda good.

2.When you take yo sack and dip it in a bitch mouth.
1. My girl made used a Teabag to make some tea for her sore throat.


Person 1: TeaBagged my girl last night.

Person 2: Aye cuh, what's that?

Person 1: It's the Shit.
by Lazyie July 25, 2008
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originated from the name Kirk Fanning, used to make fun him by me. (Ok for me im his cousin, he even watched me put this)

Also used as slang, for gay guys when they are chillin,or pimpin themselves out.
Gay guy 1: what u doin girlfriend?

Gay guy 2: nothin, jus Fagging....
by Lazyie July 31, 2008
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