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The brunette girl with the huge breasts that models for the SnorgTees ads.
Kyle: Wow, she's hot.

Blake: *looks over* Oh, that's just the Snorg-tease.
by LazyHappyLucky October 27, 2010
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Referring to a game/bet when there are no actual stakes, played purely for fun without intent to "win" anything.
Jonathan Cook : You gotta call push game before the dice rolls, son.
Robbie Menace: I just lost 20 dollars.
by LazyHappyLucky October 27, 2010
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A word describing a Southern person with no sense of style. Directly related to the word "racoon" as how many Southern people refer to them as "coons", viewed as tacky and drawl by upper-class people.

A slang term regularly used by people of the hipster or indie variety to humiliate conforming people who tend to follow whatever trend comes up, regardless of how ridiculous or audacious. Also directly related to how Southern states are often the last to catch on to fads.
"That guy is wearing those silly band bracelets. They're so tacky, I have no idea why everyone loves them so much." said Jenna.

"Ha! They're coons, they don't know any better." replied Timmy.
by LazyHappyLucky July 24, 2010
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