Jonathan Cook is the lead singer of the epic band, Forever the Sickest Kids. He is also the former lead singer of the band (now broken up) The Flipside.

It took less than a year for the band FTSK to get signed with Universal Records. No one is too surprised on how famous they're now becoming. It was kind of expected.

They played at Warped in '07, and were on the AP Tour for '08. They have also played on Dallas Today before.

Their new cd is now out, <i>Underdog Alma Mater</i>.
Jonathan Cook is a very down to earth and funny guy.
by Themasterofpetrabbits May 4, 2008
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Jonathan Cook is in 1 of THE BEST bands in the world(Forever The Sickest Kids) Jonathan Cook is talented, sweet, attractive, friendly, smart and funny. Jonathan Cook loves everyone including his fans.(in a friendly appreciative way nothing weird screw the idiots who make up rumors!) Jonathan Cook makes me smile. Jonathan Cook strongly believes in God & puts him 1st in everything he does. Jonathan Cook has inspired me to be a better christian and person in general. Jonathan Cook loves his family especially his adorable nephews:). Jonathan Cook has a great smile:) Jonathan Cook is a major Dallas Cowboys fan. Jonathan Cook is a great performer. Jonathan Cook's fans think hes amazing.
omg did you go to that concert?

yes Jonathan cook was so awesome

Did you meet Jonathan Cook?

Yes he was so nice & funny & cute!

Did you see Jonathan's tweet?

Yes it made my day:)
by Alicia21 February 17, 2010
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The lead singer of ftsk. Very cool guy. I know him personally. I got a little pissed when I saw some of the negative crap posted on here about him, when those people really have no clue what they're talking about. First off, Jonathan is a GREAT christian and he makes that clear. He doesnt drink or do drugs of any sort either, which is pretty unheard of for a ROCKSTAR. He goes to church consistently and his actions reflect his good character. Second of all, to call him a pedophile is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. I mean, seriously? I bet whoever posted that is a pedophile and is projecting or something. Third of all, he's a really smart guy and a good business man. He has a college degree and everything...he's not some garage band musician who just happened to make it big to avoid a life of being dirt poor. He can make it with or without his music. He is a big sports fan, and likes to hunt, etc. He would make an amazing politician...I dont think I know anyone who is a smoother talker than him. All in all, a great guy who puts out equally great music.
Hey look, its the singer of ftsk

Hey I ran into Jonathan Cook at church today!

Jonathan Cook is taller than you....
by the knowhow November 12, 2010
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Jonathan Cook is the lead singer for the band Forever the Sickest Kids. Jonathan is most famous for hitting on anything with a vagina. JCook prefers underage girls though, and is currently linked to Disney Starlet Selena Gomez. Jonathan is a strong Republican and enjoys hunting ducks. Cook claims to be a devout Christian, but who really knows.
You will never believe who stuck their tongue down my throat at the show last night!


Jonathan Cook
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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he is the lead singer of Forever The Sickest Kids. he's from texas, he drinks arnold palmers like your dad drinks beer.

his favorite sports team is the dallas cowboys.
most people say he's a pedophile, which might be true, but he knows his limits. he's incredibly attractive and very talented. his talking voice is very unique. there's no one else with that voice : in a good way. he also likes to say GLORT, and settin it off.
by demilovatoslover March 8, 2010
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