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a blue elf mutant with a prehensile tail, yellow eyes with no visible pupils, and 6 fingers and 4 toes. ability to bamf or teleport, acrobatic abilities and superhuman agility. part of the x men.
seen in the x-men 2 movie...he has tatoos rather than fur
by lawrence December 14, 2003

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A type of Kawasaki motorcycle.
Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic
by Lawrence January 03, 2005

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Screwed from behind, seppressed, overworked and underpaid by the mirviss.
You've been "Mirvissed", ya, I got Mirvissed too.
by Lawrence December 07, 2004

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a male specimen ranging in age from 18-35 who can't be bothered with the workaday world. he prefers to sit in his room listening to vintage japanese thrash or rare metal that is carved into L.P. form with the tooth from a rare african wildebeast, thus in his mind, making him far cooler than you will ever be.
poor cory bonfiglio. he's given up on life and become a roomdweller.
by lawrence December 02, 2004

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Endless Ages is a lifestyle
-"so what do you do"
+"I do endlessages"
by Lawrence April 30, 2004

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Four awesome, hot, gorgeous girls who are also incredibly cool and intelligent. I'm sure they wholehardedly conquer with this statement my african american brother!!!
The Foxy Four consists of Allie, Meghan, Leah, and Nola.
by Lawrence December 23, 2003

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Gay ass clan for Dday: Normandy

They like the anal sex0r =O
You guys are gonna be like sonderverbandjager

see also SVJ
by Lawrence July 21, 2003

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