The number of Limbs attached to the hand in which are being deposited into his/her vagina.
While texting Zach Butcher she decribes the 6 fingers technique
by Lubed Fingers January 29, 2016
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ultimate penetration of the vagina. take your hands, with the palms facing each other, and cross the two pinky fingers and the two thumbs, as they will not be needed. keep the other six fingers fairly close together, and ram it home when shes ready.
"she could barely take the 6 finger wedge i hit her with last night."
by sticky fingaz 69 December 21, 2005
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If you have 6 finger up, it means that you have a disease called micropenis. If you are diagnosed with this, you get absolutely 0 bitches.

And you look goofy.
6 fingers up? damn bro im sorry for you
by Jenue and Manica April 21, 2022
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A song to define whether your mother deserves to be determined a 'whore'. It goes as follows: "Open your legs, shut the door. 6-Fingers and your mom's a whore!"
I can not find a way to use this in a sentence. It's just a phrase.
P1: My dad hasn't been putting out recently
P2: How come?
P1: 6-Fingers, your moms a whore :(
by Lumfaous March 27, 2020
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When you use 5 fingers and the 6th finger is inserted into the urethra at the moment of climax and jizz it sprays out like a Champaign bottle at a celebration
Bro, Makenzie gave me a 6 Finger Fantasy last night and I’m still cleaning cum off the walls.
by Knoki April 28, 2022
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