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Postulated by a non-freckled human. The theory proposes with enough sun exposure a freckled person's freckles will eventually connect - seemingly making them very tan, but in fact just making them a giant freckle. This theory has not yet been proven, only tanning creams have helped self-loathing freckled individuals achieve this.
Steve: Did you see Martha the other day?
John: Yeah she's been on the beach every day; testing out the freckle theory I presume.
Steve: She sure would make one sexy giant freckle!
John: True story.
by Lauren Lynch June 10, 2008
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Adj. Canadian slang term. To be wasted or extremely Drunk, in the state of intoxication after having consumed many alcoholic beverages or other substances.
Jessica: Did you see Dave last night?
Amy: Is it any different from any other night?
Jessica: He's just really into porch climbing, people respect him for that. He drank that fat frat kid under the table last week.
Amy: That was insane! After college, though, that guy's going to need some serious rehab.
Jessica: Won't we all.
by Lauren Lynch April 20, 2008
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Adj. An Irish slang term. Being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are excessively impaired by vast amounts of alcoholic drink; intoxicated.
Joe: That mixer last night was live!
Dan: I only remember walking in. After that everthing is blank.
Joe: You just have to learn to take it all in stride, man. You might have fun, but won't remember if you keep on going out half polluted! Douche!
by Lauren Lynch April 20, 2008
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A slang term that is traced back to Wexford, Ireland. The state of being completely annihilated, resulting from poor judgement regarding the alcohol intake in a given night. The real 'horror' will be the following morning, if you ever even make it home.
Matt: Did you see Christina last night?
Rocco: Yeah, what did she start drinking at 8AM? She was passing out all over the place.
Rocco: Even though she was in the horrors, I'd still hit it.
Matt: Sick, man! That shit ain't right! Remind me again, Why are we friends?!
by Lauren Lynch April 20, 2008
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When you cannot fall asleep because someone is sleeping over, hogging the covers or thrashing wildly. You may even really love this person creating the insomnia but the fact still remains: you need your sleep, especially before a big test! Ways to avoid: tell them to buy a bigger bed, push them off of the bed, or make an excuse as to why they or you should not sleep over.
Paris Hilton: OMG Nicole I didn't sleep at all last night!
Nicole Richie: Were you: out, making another sex tape, having a fake career, partying, or being your usual slutty self?
Paris: No, this was after that I had Boysomnia and couldn't get a wink of sleep.
Nicole: Oh!
by Lauren Lynch November 12, 2009
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