204 definition by Laura

Not what everyone thinks! not the blonde bimbo in white stilletos and up for anything! theres only a few of them around!
lets not generalise every girl from essex as an essex girl
by laura April 26, 2005

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2.spit bubbles that appear foam-like, as in one has rabies

1.Baby you got me foaming at the mouth with that rockin body.

2.The rabid dog was foaming at the mouth.

3.I was foaming at the mouth for some rocks.
by Laura January 22, 2005

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The Nickname for Preakness Shopping Center in Wayne, NJ - generally populated by kids not old enough to drive. Club Preakness includes such features as Prekaness Cinema, CyberConxion, Prekaness Deli and Stop & Shop.
"For an 8th grader, Club Preakness is the place to be."
by Laura December 30, 2004

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when u fart and it sounds likeu riped ur ass
john farted and it sounded like he ripped his pants or his ass
by Laura July 18, 2004

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another name for the female genitals
"He hit me right in the pananny!"
by Laura March 09, 2004

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The act of plugging up every hole in a girls body with male genatalia.
dicks in every hole... eyes, ears, nose, ass, etc.
by laura November 16, 2003

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The best man in the whole wide world. I love him. He is so witty, sweet, nice, funny, and soothing. I love you James Raskopf. I love you forever. <@> ^_^
Looking around, sighing, I wish that James Raskopf was here, so I can be complete.
by Laura January 21, 2005

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