2 definitions by Larrybaowns

Lujayne is a very sweet girl, who usually gets outstanding grades . She tends to be very kind to people who she doesn't know, which makes first impressions easy. She is extremely cool and caring. She is nice.
"Wow who's that?!"

"That's lujayne."
"she's so cool"
"I know right!"
Lujayne: I know, im the coolest.
by Larrybaowns October 08, 2019
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A very very VERY strong woman who can crush you to pieces. She is very ripped and had very strong muscles.
Person one: Bro! Narod touched me today and my arm shattered!
Person two: You think that's bad? She breathed near me and I flew away!
by Larrybaowns September 30, 2019
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