Lujayne is a very sweet girl, who usually gets outstanding grades . She tends to be very kind to people who she doesn't know, which makes first impressions easy. She is extremely cool and caring. She is nice.
"Wow who's that?!"

"That's lujayne."
"she's so cool"
"I know right!"
Lujayne: I know, im the coolest.
by Larrybaowns October 08, 2019
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A really cool Iraqi girl that tends to be really sweet.
Person: “omg who’s that?”
Other person: “haha that’s Lujayne, she’s my best friend.”
Person: “wow-”
by Samarrai with swag March 03, 2021
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She is the best human being.

All people who know a lujyan are lucky as fuck. She is so smart and always gets good grades yet she is so much fun. She is so pretty and cute. She has a great personality that no one can compete with.
I am so lucky to have Lujayn as my sister.
by Maryam_ur_fav_sis November 29, 2018
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