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Usually a common typo for the often used term, Hell Hole. This term of course which means; a place of horrific and agonizing terror.

The nearly identical term, Hell Hold, also retains a nearly identical definition. However, unlike the more commonly used term, Hell Hole, the term Hell Hold is more accurately and fully pronounced in its use of virtually the same meaning.

The component term, “Hold” implies an inescapable death grip of permanence in the place where one endures horrific and agonizing terror through ever-lasting torment.

This more versatile and formally pronounced form of the same phrase is sure to never be noticed as a deviation from it’s secular counterpart, Hell Hole. Also, the point will come across as a more impactful statement knowing that it can be said louder and more confidently as it is a more accurate and meaningful statement.
Example 1

Person A: Are you ready to go back to work yet?

Person B: Hell no, I ain’t ready to go back to that Hell Hold!!!!!!

Example 2

Person A: So how was Jury Duty today? I saw that it lasted like 12 hours....

Person B: Yeah, it was a split jury, so they kept me at that Hell Hold all day until they finally unlocked the doors for us at 6pm.
by Larry Berkshire July 2, 2018
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Can also mean, "why the fuck."
Wtf have none of my definitions been published on Urban Dictionary??
by Larry Berkshire March 4, 2018
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In the early days of organized crime, the most deadly, viscous, and criminal mobsters used to dress in very nice clothes (suits) for uniformity and intimidation purposes. Of course being the mob gangsters they were, they killed a lot of people in their everyday attire of suits and ties.
Example 1

Jim: How do you like my tuxedo for prom tonight??

Jim's father: Well, I'd say that you're dressed to kill son....

Example 2

Jerry: Man, did you see those 2 hitmen in Breaking Bad?

Jeffery: Yeah I did man, they were dressed to kill, yo!!
by Larry Berkshire March 2, 2018
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