An interruption to your daily life courtesy of the American legal system.

A chance to see how stupid lawyers actually are and an opportunity to mix with about 60 total strangers. A day out of the office that seems twice as long as any day at work. A time where you actually don't want your name pulled out of a bingo spinner for a raffle. Sitting around and listening to the personal business and opinions of potential jury victims.

A chance to see what kind of murderous scum, Mel Sachs, Esq. to the famous will take on when he isn't working on Mike Tyson.
January 21st was a wasted day in my life waiting around the Rockland County NY Courthouse.
by Wendy January 24, 2004
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An amazing court show featuring celebrities. Produced by Radar Entertainment
Jury Duty is the best celebrity court show
by SPrice1980 April 18, 2022
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